The Writer’s Response to the Quandary

Of course you’re not going to fold it all up. What drove you to even suggest that? As if writing or not writing were even a choice. It is in the breath that you live by, who you are. Separating one from the other is impossible, like asking a heart to stop pumping blood. Haven’t you even been paying attention after all these years?

Yes, it’s hard. I know. I get it. Lots of things in life are hard. Hell, don’t you think there’ve been times myself I’d rather be curled up with some wicked fantasy at two in the morning than sitting at the desk with you; or spend the day putzing about the garden, walking through the woods, working on projects around the house and/or otherwise passing the time doing something else good — anything else good! — with my hands?

Nobody said it was going to be easy.

And speaking of easy, hasn’t this past year taught you anything? Haven’t you been listening to your own advice? Buck up, man, and make it happen. Overcoming hardship takes effort. It takes knowledge and passion and drive and when there is simply no other alternative, it also takes sacrifice.

You’re lucky. You’ve found something you love and when you find something you love giving yourself to it is easy. An image comes to you and you wrap your thoughts around it and you turn it around in your hands, over and over, until you discover what matters about it and you fall in love.

Isn’t that the message you’ve been trying to teach? Let nothing stand in your way.

There will always be some reason you can find for not following your heart. Illness, money, time. But what is the point of a life without envy if not pursuing your dreams no matter what?

Maybe now is the time more than ever that you lead the way by example.