Regarding T1D


Franca and I head a family of five and our interests are somewhat at odds with the world around us in that we 1.) don’t live beyond our means, 2.) work in our dream jobs, 3.) are inspired by simplicity, and 4.) strive for a truly sustainable lifestyle. We enjoy hiking, exercising, cooking, pajama walks at night, volunteering, and spending time together. Our hobbies are: growing our own food, making our own wine, raising our own hens, and thinking our own thoughts, without the influence of clever marketers. We believe that we are in control of our own destiny and that no matter who you are, where you live or what your circumstances are you can find the will and the way to live a good life without envy.

Like many stories, ours has had it’s share of downtimes and has by no means been perfect. This story blog stemmed from the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in our youngest daughter, Lia. But prior to that we underwent many of the same struggles any family may face, and it was those trials that prepared us as parents and as a family to deal with this chronic disease.

When I first sat down and started writing about Lia’s diabetes on this site it was within just a few days of her diagnosis. I had only some vague idea of what things I would write about or where they would take me. I’ve been surprised by both. I started, as many writers do, by giving some details of my history and where I grew up: the house we lived in, the surrounding countryside, perhaps just a subtle glimpse into the origins of what shapes my worldvision. I finished, of course, with the news of Lia’s diabetes and a call for others to take part and share in this discovery with us. You have, and there have been many times in the last many weeks that I have read your comments and your own writings and been moved to tears because of them. The obstacles and challenges you’ve shared are a testament to the great strength, discipline and courage that exists amongst those thriving in this community. While I cannot honestly say that I’m delighted to be here, I am very encouraged to know you.