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like I'm trapped in a cage

Sometimes I feel…


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In Good Time

One of the first things I did after Lia’s diagnosis for T1 was go out and buy dress clothes. It sounds crazy, I know, especially all of these twenty-five months later. What an impulsive, irrational thing to do, right, as if $100 slacks, a couple of nice shirts, and a pair of new shoes would […]

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No Strangers Here Today

Like many families, the talk this time of year in our house centers around the holidays. School is out and the kids and Franca are home and there is much ado about gifts, food and sharing in each other’s company. It’s a special time, if we can keep it in our hearts (and that means […]

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The Story That Keeps On Giving

It has been a busy past couple of months for us with teaching, writing and a little travel to New England for the Thanksgiving holiday. But I took some time over the summer to recap for a local magazine just what our first year with diabetes was like and I’d like to share it with […]

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Back Where I Belong

I tried it. I gave it a shot. It just wasn’t working. The thing I liked about blogging about diabetes and our family, and of which I found most helpful, was the sense that whatever I was writing about was mostly for my benefit, or to share with others close to me and my family, […]

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Envy is often the fountainhead of unhappiness. We’ve all experienced it. A neighbor’s shiny new car. Their figure, the clothes they wear. What they get paid for the wonderful work they do. It starts on the playground as children and continues, I suppose, until dementia or death. It’s so prevalent and part of who we […]

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How Can I Tell What I Think Till I See What I Say

I have mentioned before a particular fondness for a quote by the British writer E.M. Forster (and of which assumes the title of this post). It comes from his book on writing, Aspects of the Novel, which he penned in 1927. In this particular chapter, Forster is concerned with the subject of plotting and begins the […]

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Double vision or over-confidence?

I Didn’t Just Do That, Did I?

Being so new to this, there are probably a great number of things we do wrong when it comes to treating diabetes. But everyday brings us new levels of confidence and also, strangely, periods of disbelief and elementary head-scratching that make us wonder have we been paying any attention at all. It ‘s much like […]

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