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Born in an Ambulance

“Don’t worry,” she said, “I’ve done this before.” I looked skeptically at her–this superhero, who had in her life done many brave things–where she stood very pregnant near the bottom of the stairs of our house, the keys and the phone in my hand, ready as the faithful sidekick. “Really,” she went on, one arm […]

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Words Without Envy

The way the year ended was pretty much the way that it started with a trip to the children’s wing of the hospital. Only this time our purpose there was not to admit Lia for what would become a very long and arduous twelve months discovering and treating diabetes, but to visit the children who […]

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Pajama Walks

The Things We Have Now It was a cold, beautiful night with fresh snow on the ground and because it was cold and had snowed we stayed in our day clothes after dinner and put on our boots and heavy winter jackets and slipped on our gloves and knit caps and looked like a party […]

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One a.m.

The Things We Have Now The chirping alarm clock wakes her. Promptly the comforter stirs, legs skimming across the mattress. A shadow lifts out of the gloom as she pulls herself from the bed. She passes like a spirit through the room and stoops outside the door. Seconds later blue-white light fills the hall as […]

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Phone Privileges

The Things We Have Now She calls at ten a.m. I want to talk about school. How she’s doing, what she’s learning. She entertains my wishes only momentarily, then gives me her meter reading. I say the number back to her and write it down. She asks about her snack. I tell her what it […]

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