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Man vs. The Empire Brain Building

epiphany / iᴵpif ǝ ni/ n. pl – nies 1. a usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something 2. an intuitive grasp of reality through something (as an event) usually simple and striking. A shining forth Aha! In the summer writing classes I teach at a local university, I […]

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What a Wonderful Wonderful World

So, seven days, seven things to write about what I’ve discovered is one annoying, rude, sometimes laughable, non-discriminatory disease; and what do I have to show for this most opportunistic effort? Well, plenty. First, to those who do this every day of the week, I commend you. Because I’m a writer I had some inkling […]

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The Bright Side

This is a tough one. Today’s post for diabetes blog week is to write about something good that diabetes has done for Lia. The problem I’m having is that accomplishing this tiny task is made a bit more difficult by any number of obvious reasons: It’s a disease. It’s incurable. And mostly it acts like […]

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There's nothing in here to eat!

A Sustainable Pantry?

February one year ago, I shared with you how Franca and I had declared war on sugar a couple of years prior and I thought that with the three year anniversary of that  eye-opening event having passed recently along with our one year marking of Lia’s diagnosis of diabetes, I’d open the door once again […]

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A One Sea Reality

But first, a funny and embarrassing story. Several years ago I had a truly terrific doctor. I mean a one-of-kind physician-that-you-only-read-about who got to know the well-being of your mind and spirit at the same time he learned of your body’s. He would call — yes call — with the results of whatever blood tests […]

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Speaking of Dogs

Take diabetes, for instance. In many ways, raising a dog is a lot like controlling blood sugars, minus of course the extreme health risk. You study the science. You learn the technique. You get up every day determined to do your best and when things go the way you had planned you celebrate. You applaud […]

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The Writer’s Response to the Quandary

Of course you’re not going to fold it all up. What drove you to even suggest that? As if writing or not writing were even a choice. It is in the breath that you live by, who you are. Separating one from the other is impossible, like asking a heart to stop pumping blood. Haven’t […]

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Cleaning the Slate

Franca and I are not fanatics about health — well, our children might say we are and maybe it’s true, though we also believe that everything is better in moderation, including wellness dogmas — but we do eat well, exercise regularly and generally follow the kind of active, wholesome lifestyle that promotes youth, not aging. […]

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Roughly Speaking

roughly 2,000 finger sticks roughly 500 middle of the night blood sugar checks roughly 700 shots roughly 60 infusion set changes roughly 200 episodes of hypoglycemia roughly 1000 episodes of hyperglycemia roughly feeling like a perfectly fine nine year old 1.5 days out of every 3 roughly counting 45,000 carbohydrates roughly dosing 5,000 units of […]

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External Genetistry

It was a common yet unproductive habit in the days, weeks and months following Lia’s diagnosis to do as any worried parent might do and question every external encounter or genetic mutation in our family history in pursuit of where had this come from. Often it wasn’t a very long thought, really more of a […]

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