About This Rhapsody

[rap-suh-dee]: An ancient Greek epic poem suitable for uninterrupted recitation; (music) An instrumental composition of free, irregular form, often incorporating improvisation; An enthusiastic expression of feeling in speech or writing; great delight, ecstasy. A lot like life, I think. Or how life should be.

Hi, I’m Steve, and I began writing this blog in Jan 2010 shortly after my youngest daughter was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes at the age of 8. (Feel free to read more about this sweet little Christmas gift by visiting my first post here). Because of these circumstances it should suffice to say that throughout these essays you will find a multitude of stories, an entire book perhaps, pertaining to those early years of learning to cope with and treat this stubborn, chronic condition. That was then, they were difficult times and writing about them did more to help me along than did most anything else.

Time is what it is though and Lia’s diagnosis no longer carries the same fretful and frustrating intensity as it once did—there is still no cure, a frustration in and of itself—but to be witness to any loved one’s suffering, no matter how invisible the particulars of it have become, is to live with it always there, buried deep in your heart where it may nag you at will, raising moments of panic at various times night or day. There are no escaping the facts. Over time, you learn to adapt and we have, traveling here and there, always taking diabetes with us, never excluding it from the plan and never planning by its exclusion. A partnership, so to speak. And so here we are now, these many years later, and life goes on. With or without our input, approval or taking one’s ass off the couch, life goes on.

The original goal of Without Envy was to share our story of raising a child with an incurable disease to live life to its fullest, without envy. It continues to be that, and so much more. The shock is over, the damness of it all has settled into rueful acceptance, and so it is time now to redirect Without Envy into a new chapter, with a new tagline and a new intention. The next rhapsody.

Moving forward and sideways and all directions in between, there is no telling where that may take us.