Eating, the Best Part of Our Day

by Steve

I am going to cheat today, day 5 of Diabetes Blog Week, but not because I don’t find this topic engaging. If anything, in our house, food is the only subject worth discussing everyday. And we do, starting on Saturday or Sunday when we plan out our next week’s menu, which is almost always home cooked and almost always has a Mediterranean flair to it (lately the centerpiece has been chick peas, but if I had to choose a favorite dish, I’d pick a pan-roasted Harissa chicken cooked in a cast iron skil—See what I mean, I promised myself I wouldn’t talk about food and here I am talking about it. Some things can’t, and shouldn’t, be helped, I guess. Email me if you have time today or any day to talk about food. Franca and are I always willing!

Instead what I’d like to do is share a post from the past, the one in which Franca shared her recipe for baking bread. Bread is one of those items that will dress up any meal. Toasted and then rubbed with garlic, a shot of olive oil and some salt, and presto, Bruschetta. Makes it feel like you’re dining in Sicily, especially if you add a glass of Chianti (which may or may not also be homemade. Ahem).Stanca Wine

The recipe Franca shares here has changed a bit since then (as has the kitchen and mixer), but to be sure whatever ingredients you use at home will be better than the periodic table list of crap found on a store-bought bag of bread. The biggest item that has changed is we no longer use gluten to beef up the whole wheat flour and the flour we use (called Montana Prairie Gold) we source locally. If you can’t find that in your neighbor then King Arthur is an excellent alternative. The point here is that whenever you make at home, it tastes better and is usually better for you.

Here’s the link to the original post— homemade bread and the video, which is always brings a laugh at our house, except out of Franca, who only stands and with a disapproving purse of her lips, shakes her head.