Heroes and Heroines

by Steve

I must admit, this caught me by surprise today. I wasn’t prepared when I learned that it was Blog Week and considered sharing on Without Envy. To be honest, I’m not even sure why I keep the site out there, other than perhaps as a written reminder of what life was like back then in those beclouded, long days in the weeks and months right after Lia’s diagnosis. Sure, maybe it still serves some purpose for others and maybe it will one day, too, for Lia. I don’t know. I know though that whenever it crosses my mind, which is often, I am filled with a bit of regret, just as I would over having lost touch with a good friend who had helped me through a difficult time. If enough time between visits has passsed you’re left to wonder: where even to begin?

And so you don’t.

And I haven’t.

But maybe this week, that will change. Maybe this week, I’ll pop on over and sit down for a bit and visit. Catch up for old time’s sake, you know.

For sure there’s not much new to say. We are older, smarter, and for the most part hardened by it all. In that way, Without Envy has served its purpose. After all, how often can you, or should you, seek to illuminate what appears to have become normal? As often as you like, by God, you might say, and that would be true, you can and you should because what is normal to one may be unusual to another. But damn if there’s not a peacefulness to acceptance. Something softens around the edges, there’s a quiet that needs no words. That is where we are and where we have been. Enduring diabetes with grit and composure, and with tolerance, yes, always with tolerance for it won’t ever just go away and so we stand as we must and we greet every day with a stick in one hand and a bouquet of flowers in the other because you never know which one you will need.

What I was reminded of today when I read about Diabetes Blogweek is that we are not and have never been alone in our undertaking. There has always been someone to stand alongside us and calm our fears, reassure us and help us understand that there is nothing that Lia can’t do. Other readers, writers, heroes and heroines, moms and dads, sons and daughters. Considerate, caring people who have proven again and again that case to be true. So thank you. It’s so good to see you again.