Back to D-Wild

In honor of our upcoming 2nd Annual Into D-Wild Backpacking Adventure, I’d like to share the post Franca wrote about last year’s family trip. We’re taking what lessons we learned and  heading back into the woods, this time hiking longer (4 days) and further (27 miles)—but with hopefully less gear. We’ll follow up with a fresh story in a few days of diabetes and the great outdoors.

Click here to read Into D-Wild, published October 9, 2011, by Franca.

Logic, Strength and Love

One of the great things the internet has brought is the ability to reach out and make a difference in the lives of people we’ve never met. I’ve been a part of that phenomena for almost three years now, since starting this blog about raising a child with type 1 diabetes to live life to the fullest. To me, helping others is essential to fulfilling that goal. I might even argue, it’s the entire goal.

Last summer, I was thrilled to discover & support my good friend, Dan Masucci, as he was just starting his loving and exceptional short film about a family coping with diabetes called, DxOne. If you’ve somehow never heard of it, well, get ready, it’s about to take the diabetes community by storm. Dan’s a fantabulous director, an excellent writer and the film is a true to this world depiction of what life is like for a child with diabetes.

Now comes another film about diabetes I’m pleased to support. Give a listen to Jason’s video intro.

“Logic, strength and love”. That sums up just about everyday with diabetes. How could you not support that?

If you’re a parent of a kid with diabetes, have diabetes yourself, or just interested in doing something good today, don’t wait. There’s only a few hours left for Jason to hit his funding target of $7,000. The good news is he doesn’t have far to go. So click on over to kickstarter, here, and give your pledge.

Good luck, Jason