Back Where I Belong

by Steve

I tried it. I gave it a shot. It just wasn’t working.

The thing I liked about blogging about diabetes and our family, and of which I found most helpful, was the sense that whatever I was writing about was mostly for my benefit, or to share with others close to me and my family, either directly or through this amazing community of moms and dads and people with diabetes who live with the very same struggles with resilience, optimism and love.

Writing was and still is a way for me as a parent to process the hurt, the frustration, and the endless worry that comes along with this outrageous, childhood-stealing disease. It has never been about the simple sharing of information. I tried recently to change that on Without Envy. It didn’t work for me, for whatever reason. Maybe some day it will, but not now. For the now I am back where I belong. A bare bones theme, writing simply without envy.

Already it feels better.


Note: there are and will continue to be some opportunity for me to just share outside of the blog with readers. Here are two recent articles I wrote for Diabetes Health.