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Without Envy for What?

I started this blog just over a year and a half ago by writing about Lia’s diagnosis and the challenges, fears and finally acceptance (or not) of living with the perplexity that is type 1 diabetes. I named the blog collectively as I did because that best describes the manner in which her mother and […]

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Joyeux Anniversaire!

  L’amour fait songer, vivre et croire. Il a pour rechauffer le coeur, Un rayon de plus que la gloire, Et ce rayon c’est le bonheur !                       –by Victor Hugo Je t’aime, Franca                         […]

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Too Little, Too Soon

In spite of her diabetes, for Lia, life is pretty simple. She loves to take walks up the road, fish off a dock, and she’ll still will occasionally host in her room a miniature tea party for two. If a person is kind to her, she’s kind to them back. She never says, “but it’s […]

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The Garden Collapse

I mentioned the garden, or rather the garden’s collapse. It’s too bad. We had great plans for a marvelous harvest this year, as this photo clearly shows. That woodwork you see, other than the lattice, was hand cut, yes hand cut, from a recently felled Poplar tree and then crafted by Lia and me. Same with […]

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Man vs. The Empire Brain Building

epiphany / iᴵpif ǝ ni/ n. pl – nies 1. a usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something 2. an intuitive grasp of reality through something (as an event) usually simple and striking. A shining forth Aha! In the summer writing classes I teach at a local university, I […]

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Tears of joy

Dog Days of Summer

A few years ago I wrote a story about a dog we owned named, Digger. The piece was for a local publication which every August ran a special “Dog Days of Summer” edition printing favorite pet stories submitted by their readers (you can read it here, if you’re interested). The story was, originally-enough, titled “Digger”, […]

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