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Maybe it’s me. In my younger days, I read legal and military fiction — Griffin, Clancy, Grisham — and added to that a war-time stint in the army, so maybe I’m just overly-sensitive to the fact that some people have a need to know and for others it just doesn’t matter. For certain, the argument can be made with any number of things — like reality TV personalities and rooting out evil terrorists — the less most know the better, but with diabetes I’m torn.

How many times can you correct someone for suspecting that your daughter shouldn’t eat sugar? How many times can you explain to others that no, in time, her body will not self-correct, and no, there is not, in fact, such a thing with type 1 diabetes as naturally stabilizing blood sugars?

I’m not wanting to sound critical. I, too, was once one of those without operational knowledge. Now I know managing diabetes takes effort, tons of effort, and it upsets me that there might be this misconception out there that in time or with the right equipment Lia’s body will undergo some monumental correction that will make it somehow less of a burden on her, and us, to keep her healthy. I have said it before and I’ll say it again: We don’t worry less because things have gotten better, things have gotten better because we worry. That’s just the way it is.

Would it not be better for me and my own health to turn a spy’s eye in quiet, calculated silence, honoring with decorum and resignation the restrictive nature of such information? We know. Is that not enough?

Or does the red that I see when I hear these comments suggest to me that a Need to Know security measure is wrong in this case and to keep quiet and pretend otherwise sends the misguided message that the public perception doesn’t matter. It does, immeasurably, matter.

Which is why I have thrown my creative and financial support to the development of a short film, currently in pre-production, called DxONE. Written and directed by Dan Masucci, an award-winning filmmaker and father of a 13-year old CWD, DxONE intends to tell the story through dramatic form of what life is like for children and their families who struggle each day and throughout the night with the treatment and emotional acceptance of diabetes. First introduced to Dan through a blogger friend and then given the opportunity to be part of his worthwhile endeavor, I embraced this project as if it were my own and I believe you, too, will find within the story something personal and moving.

Dan is a lot like me: A loving father and caring husband, a courageous artist pursuing a lifelong dream. I hope you’ll check out the film through his production site or follow Kickstarter to contribute. I can promise, this is one story you’ll be happy to share.



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