I Didn’t Just Do That, Did I?

Being so new to this, there are probably a great number of things we do wrong when it comes to treating diabetes. But everyday brings us new levels of confidence and also, strangely, periods of disbelief and elementary head-scratching that make us wonder have we been paying any attention at all. It ‘s much like a daydreaming child must feel who, upon waking from their mid-morning trance, suddenly realizes the teacher has asked them a question. But they say success comes in cans, not can’ts, so fortunately we keep trying again and again, and just like that poor little schoolboy, begging forgiveness and hoping our mistakes don’t lead to something worse.

As opposed to writing about two of our bloopers, I’ll choose a more subtler way to illustrate. Can you spot the difference?


Always read the label


Double vision or over-confidence?


7 thoughts on “I Didn’t Just Do That, Did I?

  1. Oh yes, when I was on MDIs I injected the wrong insulin a couple of times too. Must sound unbelievable to some – but I think it’s actually just inevitable. We are human, after all!!

  2. I don’t use an inserter, so there hasn’t been quite the bounce when I forget the guard, but WHY are there so many steps to insert a site?!

  3. Oh always read the label? Yeah, we also forgot to do that one night, dumping 6 units of Novolog into her instead of Lantus (this was when she was on shots) It was beyond scary. We got through it, but ever since that night I put the two vials FAR apart in the frig!
    And I’ll bet that thing bounces off the skin!

  4. I have forgotten to take off the plastic needle guard a few times prior to set insertion. The plastic guard covered needle has a nice “bounce” to it when deployed into un-yielding tissue.

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