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Need To Know

Maybe it’s me. In my younger days, I read legal and military fiction — Griffin, Clancy, Grisham — and added to that a war-time stint in the army, so maybe I’m just overly-sensitive to the fact that some people have a need to know and for others it just doesn’t matter. For certain, the argument […]

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What a Wonderful Wonderful World

So, seven days, seven things to write about what I’ve discovered is one annoying, rude, sometimes laughable, non-discriminatory disease; and what do I have to show for this most opportunistic effort? Well, plenty. First, to those who do this every day of the week, I commend you. Because I’m a writer I had some inkling […]

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You're never too old for the carousel

Worth a Thousand Words

I love the idea of documenting our d-journey through pictures and while it’s true we have captured a few memorable events on film (or in pixels, rather), unfortunately, there’s just not that much more that’s worth posting beyond what I’ve already shared. So, instead of inundating you with pictures of say, the combined quarter-century worth […]

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The Bright Side

This is a tough one. Today’s post for diabetes blog week is to write about something good that diabetes has done for Lia. The problem I’m having is that accomplishing this tiny task is made a bit more difficult by any number of obvious reasons: It’s a disease. It’s incurable. And mostly it acts like […]

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Fear and Loathing in D-vegas

It sounds crazy, but it’s easy sometimes to forget, who in our house has diabetes. Just for this post, for example, I mentioned to Franca while standing at the kitchen sink last night that today’s blog week assignment was to list ten things I hate about diabetes. We were alone and for both of us […]

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Double vision or over-confidence?

I Didn’t Just Do That, Did I?

Being so new to this, there are probably a great number of things we do wrong when it comes to treating diabetes. But everyday brings us new levels of confidence and also, strangely, periods of disbelief and elementary head-scratching that make us wonder have we been paying any attention at all. It ‘s much like […]

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Letter To My Children

  Dear Kids: As I write this letter I imagine it as a pin hidden in a haystack, buried beneath dawdling levels of virtual white pages, layers upon layers of words and wordsmithed images and deliberation. How many, heaven only knows. Plenty, I hope as that means I have plenty of time to write them. […]

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D-Blog Week: Admiring Our Differences

“Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it.” Anne of Green Gables.   When I first read about the Diabetes Blog Week, I thought it just wasn’t the thing for me. In theory it sounded great. An opportunity to engage other writers for a week on a similar topic, sharing in different perspectives, stories, […]

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