A Walk in the Park

With Lia unable to attend the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes because of stomach ills the morning of, we decided to host our own and invited some friends to participate in a Walk to Cure Liabetes this past Sunday at a local park. It was Mother’s Day and the weather that afternoon was gorgeous and the park was crowded with families and everyone was happy. After a short walk we ate picnic dinners and listened to a free concert that was being presented by the town. There is much more I could write about our day and the feeling of community which it brought us but I am happy, on this one occasion, to let a few pictures speak for me. For this and more pictures of Without Envy, please check out our recently created Flickr page.

3 thoughts on “A Walk in the Park

  1. Just saw this and checked out your Flickr photos. Lovely stuff. We are planning a walk around our local park (which used to house a Roman theatre, how’s that for history?) and a lunch back in our garden in June. Seeing you all with supportive friends and family makes me determned to do it. I’ve been feeling isolated recently. Must deal with it.

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