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  1. I’m so glad to have found your blog, we live in Melbourne Australia, our son fletcher was diagnosed in august 2009 aged 8, he is now 9 and in grade 4, this is a whole new world to us also……full of ups and downs, I so enjoy trying to find pleasant information about T1 (if thats possible) but I find some like to give us all the bad news, we are looking for what ever good there is to find, to look for the positive, our new motto!! finding interesting food for the whole family is great… I find myself counting what everybody is eating in carbs, and carbs, really arent good for ME…:)
    so gald I can read your blog………….thank you, and sorry for rambling a little………..

  2. It was lovely to read something in Franca’s voice and I agree totally with her attitude to food. I cook from scratch and have not changed Frank’s diet since diagnosis, aside from having juice in the house now. Franca, it is so good to hear about other parents that are finding their feet and realising that who we are as parents does not change even with the big D hanging around the house and kitchen. Cooking is a great part of my creativity and I find solace in it.
    Thank you for this post.

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