Phone Privileges

The Things We Have Now

She calls at ten a.m.

I want to talk about school. How she’s doing, what she’s learning.

She entertains my wishes only momentarily, then gives me her meter reading.

I say the number back to her and write it down.

She asks about her snack.

I tell her what it is.

She asks, What did you pack for three o’clock?

I tell her that too.

Can I switch them? she asks.

Of course, I say, you can switch them.

We talk again at noon. I ask is she having a good day.

She says that she is and gives me her number.

I write it down. She wants to get back to lunch and her friends, I can tell. I figure her dose and tell it to her and let her go.

At three she calls once more. How are you feeling? I ask.

Good, she says merrily and I believe her.

How was your day?

Good. Daddy? she says before I can say anything more.

Yes dear? I answer.

Tomorrow can you pack beef jerky?

6 thoughts on “Phone Privileges

  1. This was awesome Steve. I’m not sure why, but to me, this one made Lia Lia….not Lia with diabetes. Take that the way I meant it, please. Love to you all.

  2. Great post, Steve. Brought a smile to my face, even aside from the fact that I’m a beef jerkey lover myself. Back in my school days with diabetes in the 80s, we didn’t have school nurses. So I did most of that myself. Testing also wasn’t nearly as common and convienent as it is today. Anyhow, have been reading some about how California is exploring legislation that would allow non-nurses or parent-designated folks to help care for D-Kids in school. That would be interesting.

  3. Thank you, Penny. I would love it if she had a school nurse, but they don’t, not even one that rotates amongst a number of schools. The office administrator “supervises” her blood checks and noontime bolus. But I provide the dose. A nurse would really help, especially when I’m away from my desk (like today), but then I’d miss the opportunity to chat with her. Not really a rock and a hard place (I’d take having a nurse nearby any day), but you understand.

  4. Beautiful.
    I am wondering, does she have a school nurse at her school that figures her dose and doses her? My gal is only 7 and doesn’t call home at all, the nurse takes care of it all. I just get a report via text on my phone as to her BGL and what her carbs and dose were.

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